Tea is nourishment for the body and soul!

Tea is nourishment for the body and soul!


To us, tea lovers, this millenary beverage calls for a process of delicacy and elegance, a ritual of delightful aromas, flavors, and unforgettable conversations that have intimately connected people all over the world and for thousands and thousands of years. It is a culture of infinite knowledge, pleasure, and never-ending charm. 

Since the beginning of its history, tea has served medicinal purposes. To alleviate stomachaches, get rid of impurities, cure indigestions, and aid digestion are only some examples.

Buddhist monks have used tea for over 800 years in their daily rituals. They discovered that drinking tea helps them increase focus, relaxes the body, and prevents somnolence in their long meditation sessions. 

This property is due to the presence of I-theanine, an anti-stress amino acid, different from caffeine, which excites the brain's neurotransmitters and stimulates the alpha waves that upsurge cerebral activity for better mental focus and concentration capabilities. 

Tea provides high antioxidants, responsible for fighting against free radicals, thus preventing aging and cell degradation. In addition, it helps improve skin and nail appearance. Several studies have shown that tea also helps protect the immune system and fights and prevents cancer. However, we advised you to consult a medical professional or healthcare provider when seeking medical diagnoses or treatment. 

Moreover, tea helps maintain adequate cholesterol levels, helps control blood pressure, and eliminates excess body fat by activating the consumption of sugars that the body does not need. In science, this is called a thermogenic effect.

It is important to remember that tea consumption needs to be accompanied by a healthy diet and regular exercise to access these benefits.

For Bettina's Artisan Tea the spiritual benefits of tea are just as/more important than its health properties.

We as tea lovers know that:

  • Tea gifts us a moment to ourselves, for our enjoyment
  • It allows us to implement ancient rituals or create our personalized ceremony
  • It gives us a moment of relaxation and pleasure
  • It transports us to faraway places, and it introduces us to different cultures
  • It accompanies us when we are alone, and it invites us to share with friends
  • It is an excellent way to entertain loved ones
  • Tea is a charm; it is magic and distinction
  • Tea makes us feel good

Tea is cultivated with extensive knowledge and love so that when it arrives at us, we can immerse ourselves in it and carefully understand it. We can enjoy tea and share it with people and moments that enrich our souls and cultivate our spirit.

By Bettina Om.  

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