Our Story

Bettina’s Tea isn’t just about the tea


Initially yes, I started this company because I had noticed something missing. After moving here from Spain, where drinking tea is common, I realized there weren’t a lot of high-quality loose-leaf teas and real artisan iced teas in my area.

 Nor was there a complete understanding from those around me of the healing and transformative benefits this ancient beverage could provide. 

 As a tea lover, connoisseur, sommelier, and health coach certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition - this surprised me. 

 But more than that, I saw it as an opportunity to reach out. To reach out to people like you—my sisters and brothers on this Earth—and share the health benefits of tea with you. 

 To help you see, there are drinks other than soda and wine that could be delicious, relaxing, and healthy for you. 


It was an opportunity for me to show my new community how to take part in conscious eating while respecting and reconnecting with mother nature and ourselves through a simple cup of tea. 

 That’s how it started. 

 But after a few rounds of participating at different Farmer’s Market, teaching about and providing you with tea was no longer the sole driving force behind Bettina’s Tea. 

 It became about connecting with people like you who love tea just as much as I do, forming friendships with you, and embracing the universal truth that we are all one: sisters and brothers—children of planet earth who are better because of each other. 

 And believe it or not, while I’ve been educating, serving, and growing alongside you after all these years, you’ve done something for me too. 

 You’ve delivered me to a magical and wonderful moment in my life that is brewed in the theme of “giving back.” I’m inspired by a spirit within me that wants to heal human pain from a place of gratitude, forgiveness, and love. 

And that dedication can be found in every high-quality and gourmet loose-leaf tea or handcrafted blend that I deliver to you.

 Because I believe that we can change the world for each other. With a cup of tea, sip by sip, one day at a time.