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Green Tea

Sencha Gojiberry

Sencha Gojiberry

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Green Japanese Sencha Tea

Step right up and witness the start of something beautiful: Sencha Gojiberry from Bettina's Tea. It's like taking a bite out of summer with this delicious blend that showcases juicy, fruity gojiberry, blueberry and pomegranate flavors all brought together to create a unique masterpiece. Refreshing green Sencha tea sits alongside lemongrass for the perfect spritz and royal blue cornflowers as an added splash that brings the full flavor to life. Whether you like it hot or served over ice, you can't go wrong enjoying a cup of Sencha Berries tea anytime -it's truly the must-have experience this season!

Flavor notes:

Fruity, juicy gojiberry, blueberry and pomegranate flavors are bustling around in our Sencha Green Tea's premium blend.


An Artisan blend with Sencha Green Tea, Gojiberries, Lemongrass, Pomegranate Arils, Cornflower Blossoms, & Natural Flavor.

Brewing Instructions:

Boiling Hot water 176-194ºF

time2-3 min

spons1 level tsp / 6oz serving

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