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Energe Tea

Energe Tea

Bettina's Tea / Artisan Loose Tea

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Pu Erh Dark Tea

This Chinese red tea is a unique blend that mixes several types of berries, pomegranate, and roses. This combination makes Energe-Tea very rich in antioxidants and full of vitamin C, while the pu-erh tea has the caffeine you need to wake up and feel completely energized. A huge bonus of this magnificent tea is its marvelous scent. A true delicacy ready to be enjoyed.

Flavor notes:
A robust fruity flavor with an earthy aftertaste and berry-like aroma

Pu Erh dark Tea, blueberries, pomegranate, raspberries, strawberries, elderberries, rose petals & pink rosebuds.

Brewing Instructions:

BoilingWater close to boiling 203-212ºF
time4-5 minutes
spons1 level tsp / 6oz serving


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