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Herbal Tea Blend



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Relaxing Flowers Blossoms, Herbs & Lavender

This BeauTeaful blend is specifically designed to make you feel beautiful from the inside out. This vibrant blend of flowers and herbs is perfect for those who want to feel more calm and serene. Plus, the magical color-changing properties of this Tea will leave you absolutely enchanted! Whether you're treating yourself or sharing this special Tea with a friend, we know you'll love its unique flavor and nourishing effects. So take a cup of BeauTeaful and let your inner beauty shine through! 

Flavor notes:
A soft and delicate mellow flavor with a rasping taste and aroma.

Sliver linden tree blossoms, Melissa leaves, lavender blooms, apple pieces, rose petals, sweet blackberry leaves, orange blossoms, mallow blossoms.

Brewing Instructions:

Boiling Boiling water 206-212ºF
time7-10 minutes
spons1 level tsp / 6oz serving

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