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Tango Roses

Tango Roses

Black Rose Tea

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Black Rose Tea

Wake up every morning in a field of roses with this ambrosial black tea. Combined with berries and black carrot pearls, this Chinese black tea will give you all the energy you need to start your day off, while at the same time, transport you to soothing and relaxing place. This luxurious tea gives a whole another meaning to the phrase "wake up and smell the roses.

Flavor notes:
This tea belongs to the classical "scented teas":  red rose petals and the tea leaves are layered during the production process, and after the right quality has been achieved, they are separated by sieving.

Chinese Rose Tea

Brewing Instructions:

Boiling Water close to boiling 203-212ºF
time3-5 min
spons1 level tsp / 6oz serving