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Herbal Tea Blend

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Herbal Tea Blend

The exceptional combination of freshness and mild spiciness, thanks to the lemon grass, red peppercorns and coriander ensures that this tea becomes a speciality even without any added flavors.  A slight sweetness is also present due to apple pieces and raspberry leaves.  The Jasmine blossoms add the special "something".  This blend is a must-try!

Flavor notes:
Grassy flavor with a mild spiciness taste and herbal aroma.

Apple pieces, pink peppercorns, lemon grass, raspberry leaves, cinnamon pieces, coriander, Jasmine blossoms, pink rosebuds.

Brewing Instructions:

Boiling Water close to boiling 203-212ºF
time5-10 min
spons1-2 level tsp / 6oz serving