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MajesTea Chai

MajesTea Chai

White Chai Tea

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White Chai Tea

Enjoy the classic black chai with Bettina's secret ingredient: chicory roots. This impressive blend will fill you with energy and positive vibes to start the day.  Classic Chai is perfect for those who need a nudge of stamina but don't need the sugar usually accompanied with such ingredients.

Flavor notes:
This delicious infusion will truly loved by "beginners".  Milk and sugar should be added, to achieve the ultimate taste sensation.

Ginger root, lemon grass, cinnamon bark, white tea, pineapple pieces, cloves, dried coconut, cardamom, red peppercorn, apple pieces, natural spice flavor and natural cinnamon flavor.

Brewing Instructions:

BoilingWater close to boiling 203-212ºF
time4-5 minutes
spons1 level tsp / 6oz serving